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Publicist and Event Manager


I am Bukky Ojo and I would Describe myself as a Humanitarian who loves to work hard and then try to give back to the Society. I believe in happiness and I love to keep everyone around me including my Clients Happy. I am a very Goal oriented person and always have futuristic thinking. My goals are preset and every time I achieve them it, I feel Energized. I love my work and work very hard….read more
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Media Relations

University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria (UNAAB)

ac pERTH

Heritage Carpentry Diploma

Algonquin College Perth, Ontario, Canada



Federal Government College Azare Bauchi state

My Core Skills

Marketing Strategy 95%
Advertising 65%
Digital Marketing 80%
Brand Awareness and Management 90%
Media Relations 85%

My Experience

Marketing And Public Relations Specialist

We pride ourselves on our integrated Public Relations and Event Management services. Public Relations Services • Brand Management • Digital Media • Media Relations • Social Responsibility • Crisis Management Event Management Services • Corporate Events • Social Events • Cultural events • Tourism • Training

Marketing Specialist

Develop, implement and manage digital marketing strategy, Measure the success of every social media campaign / define important social media. Work closely with clients, marketing, SEO & sales team to ensure content is informative to generate more leads and engagement.

Apart from all these, I also make Documentaries and organize Cultural Festivals

My Events

Pride in My Work

Oseese institute

Immigration Paperwork Service

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Happy Clients

What My Clients​​ Say about Me

I would describe my mom as a powerhouse entrepreneur, and if you know her well, you would likely agree. She is someone that knows what she wants and always seems to have a map or some type of direction to reach her goal. As I get older, I see how she has influenced my work ethic, and drive to be more than mediocre. Around this time 3 years ago, I remember being very distraught about choosing which program and university to attend, and my mother and I would alternate weekends to travel cross country to various Fall Previews and Open Houses. While I was losing patience and feeling like there wasn’t anything out there for me, my mom remained level-headed, focused, and determined that we’d find something. Our last stop was actually Queen’s University—the school I attend now, and although I couldn’t see the vision at the time, my mom did an amazing job of articulating what she could see for me and why I should give it a chance. Hence, why I say she always seems to have a sense of direction, as I am more than grateful for listening to her advice. My relationship with my mother has progressed to a friendship over the last couple years because of how much I value our talks. We can talk for hours on end, about non-traditional topics, that really leave me with food for thought. Though we don’t always agree, it’s nice to be able to have someone to reach out to and lean on that won’t judge me, and that I know means well. I don’t know how my mother does it, but she does it well, and I for one will be taking notes from her.
Bukky Ojo and Nicole Temidayo Osayande (3)
Diana Burnwood
Its always a Delight to work with Bukky. She makes sure that the entire project meets standards and takes care of the job.
Bukky Handled Our PR Relations back in 2017. We really needed the push and Bukky made it happen. We have been working together ever since.
Mark Ficher
Bukky organized a fundraiser for African Children Education funds. It was a grand Event and made everyone proud.
Diana Burnwood